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Don't just take our word for it. Here is what our customers have to say about how PhoneFusion One helps them better manage their daily communications.

"Over the last few years, I found myself with the same problem happening over and over. When I left my house, I would forward my calls to my cell phone but then as I was driving around, my cell phone would drop the call. I love the PhoneFusion One connection protection feature. If I do drop the call from my cell phone, PhoneFusion One tells the person who was calling me to hold on while I am reconnected to the callPhoneFusion One has been a lifesaver."
 - Stacy Brown, Networker

"I was recently promoted to an executive position at a Fortune 500 company and I'm constantly traveling. Despite being on the road, I need to be reachable. I discovered PhoneFusion One and can't live without the Find Me/Follow Me feature. Instead of giving out my office, cell, hotel or pager number, I now give out one number and people can find me anywhere. With the Missed Call Notification, I get an email as soon as someone has called or left me a message. Thanks PhoneFusion One."
 - Bill Carter, Corporate Executive

"My job as a textbook saleswoman means I'm always on the road. I used to constantly miss phone calls from my customers because they never knew if they should call my office or my cell phone. Keeping up with all the voicemails was a full time job itself. I switched to PhoneFusion One, and now I never have to worry that I'm missing a phone call or a fax because I'm not at my desk. All of my Voicemails are now centralized in one place and I can access them either from the Web or from my phone and the PhoneFusion One inbound faxing option lets me receive all my faxes in one place too."
 - Mary Hart, Saleswoman

"Our marketing company was doing really well, and we were looking to expand. PBX systems are expensive, and we didn't want to buy the new equipment and pay for the technicians right away. With your help, we decided to hire new employees to work from home instead. PhoneFusion One sent a VoIP phone to each employees home that was plugged in to their Internet Connection. Since there was virtually no waiting time to set up the system, we could focus on hiring instead of scheduling technicians to come to the office. PhoneFusion One saved us time and money."
 - Paul Green

"I was recently shipped off for a tour of duty in Iraq. Since this wasn't the first time I was going overseas, I knew that it would be tough to get in touch with family and friends. I wanted to find a better way to stay in touch, and a friend of mine told me about PhoneFusion One. Now I never have to worry about racking up expensive collect calls to my wife, and there are no long numbers to remember. My wife loves PhoneFusion One too - she can leave messages with sounds of our baby, or just one telling me she loves or misses me. She knows I'll get the messages when I have time, when I'm safe. Thanks to PhoneFusion One, my family is staying a little closer."
 - Sergeant M.C.

"I have been a customer of yours for some time now but I wanted to point out to you a slightly different way that I have been using PhoneFusion One. When my kids went away to camp for the summer, I ordered a Virtual 800 number for my PhoneFusion One Service. My kids love it because they never have to worry about carrying change for the payphone and I love it because I forward the calls to my cell and house phone so when they do get a chance to call they always get hold of me, wherever I am."
 - Y. Sheinkomp

"After graduating from college, I decided to take some time off and backpack through Europe before starting my job as a financial consultant. I was looking for a way to stay in touch with family and friends, and a way for my new company to get in touch with me about starting my job. I found PhoneFusion One and it was the best decision I've ever made. My new boss was able to leave messages about my first day of work, and I didn't have to worry about returning to my new job unprepared. Thanks to PhoneFusion One, I had an amazing summer. "
 - Laurie Kellman

"I was running a medical software company in the U.S., but needed to move overseas to be closer to my wife's ailing parents. In order to keep a presence in the U.S., I needed a number with a local area code that would work in another country. I called PhoneFusion One and stopped worrying about my customers. PhoneFusion One ported my existing number and set up a VoIP line for me, so I get a local dial-tone connecting me to America. Customers don't have to pay international long distance charges, and I didn't need to change my number and potentially lose any of my existing customers. Thank you."
 - Daniel F.

"The Phone Systems in two of my offices were at their capacity and I was looking for a way to link all of the dealerships together into one phone system. The PBX systems I looked at were all really expensive, and I didn't know what I was going to do. Then, I found PhoneFusion One. PhoneFusion One offered to set up a Virtual PBX system that didn't have any expensive PBX equipment to buy. All of my employees can now call between the three locations at no charge and in the first 3 months I have reduced my telephone costs by over 70%. Thanks PhoneFusion One."
 - Tom Smith

"After three months of unsuccessful dating, I decided to post my profile on an online dating service. After giving my number to a few too many creeps who wouldn't stop calling, I was looking for another way to have people contact me. A friend of mine told me about PhoneFusion One. Instead of giving out my cell phone or home phone number, I started giving my PhoneFusion One number to potential dates. I can screen calls if I don't want to talk to someone right away, and I can also leave an Instant Message back to someone if I want, telling them when I will be available. PhoneFusion One provides me with a comfort level and piece of mind that is invaluable in the world of Internet Dating."
 - Rachel Geller

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