User Defined Communications
Reseller Associates

Resellers can choose to give out a PhoneFusion One scratch-off card . The scratch-off card will be available for all Resellers to distribute to potential customers. There are two numbers on the card: a scratch off number for the customer and a control number that is recorded by PhoneFusion One when the cards are distributed to the Reseller. When customers sign up on our website, they enter both numbers on the card. PhoneFusion One will verify the numbers, and the Reseller will receive commission for the sale while customers receive their second month of service free of charge .


Associates receive a RESIDUAL commission each and every month that any customer remains with PhoneFusion One.


The PhoneFusion One guarantee means our commission structure will NEVER change. Once you sign up with PhoneFusion One your commission rates are locked in for life!


After you have completed and been approved through our application process you will receive a package of marketing materials for PhoneFusion One.

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