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Telephone & System Integrator Program

A few years ago, if a company wanted to have a telephone system with PBX features like Call Transfer and Voicemail, they would call Equipment Vendors who would sell them equipment from manufacturers like Lucent, Nortel or AT&T. The business model was a simple one. Sell the equipment, install the equipment, connect all the phones in the office back to the equipment.


As competition grew, equipment vendors have been seeing a decline in their profit margins on the sale of equipment and have looked to installations and support to supplement their profits.


PhoneFusion One provides Equipment Installers with an interesting opportunity. Sell a service, requiring little to no up-front investment from the customer, but still partake in sharing the monthly revenue received from the customer ensuring the Equipment Vendor residual income for the ENTIRE time the customer remains with PhoneFusion One. In addition, because our VoIP offerings require an Internet connection, offices still need to be wired for Internet connectivity, ensuring the Equipment Vendor the same installation income as with a traditional phone system.


Resellers can either sign customers up directly to PhoneFusion One via our Reseller Back Office screens. Resellers can activate accounts, choose telephone numbers and change features and packages instantly for any of their customers - from any Internet connection.


Resellers receive a RESIDUAL commission each and every month that any customer remains with PhoneFusion One.


The PhoneFusion One guarantee means our commission structure will NEVER change.


After you have completed and been approved through our application process you will receive a package of marketing materials for PhoneFusion One.

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