User Defined Communications

PhoneFusion One keeps you in control with one phone number. We give you a new telephone number or you can transfer your existing number to us. You can then decide where and when to send your calls by logging in on our website. We are confident that you will find PhoneFusion One to be the easiest, most cost effective way there is to keep in touch, with the most advanced features around.

PhoneFusion offers many telephone features that are available with advanced phone systems, as well as standard features like conference calling, recording calls, missed call notification, extension dialing, virtual calling card and much more. We give you the advantage of standard and business-type features all for one low price.

PhoneFusion also offers VoIP telephones and features integrated seamlessly into our system allowing you to have a low-cost telephone alternative to traditional landlines.

By combining Unified Communications with the technology of VoIP, PhoneFusion One offers the reliability and security of regular phone systems along with VoIP to save you money. We guarantee your ability to receive your calls no matter where you are, providing businesses a compelling reason to adopt this new medium of communications.

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